Hutter Provides A Comprehensive Range Of Services Including:

Pre-Construction Phase

Needs assessment
Conceptual cost estimating
Space programming packages
Construction lenders
Economic feasibility study
Design development drawings


Project assessment
Initial detailed estimate
Site evaluation & comparison
Value Engineering
Existing facility evaluation
Final detailed estimate


Planning & zoning approvals
Critical path scheduling
Site planning & engineering
Projected cash flow needs
Conceptual design
Code & agency approvals

Construction Phase

Project management
Project supervision
Job site facilities and utilities


Establish boundaries & benchmarks
Project layout and control
Shop drawings & technical manuals


Job records and reports
Equipment installation & start-up Safety

Self performance capabilities in the areas of sitework, concrete, masonry, carpentry, drywall and ceilings by request

Supplemental Services

Integrated project delivery
Critical and deferred maintenance


Fire and life safety inspections
Energy performance contracting


Job records and reports
Equipment installation & start-up Safety

Post-Construction Phase

Occupancy permits
Operation manuals & instructions


As-built drawings
Guarantees & warranties


Post-construction evaluation

“I cannot urge you strongly enough to put your project in Hutter’s hands. I have joked with Al Traffie in the past that whenever he asks me to talk to someone or write a letter on his behalf, I end up sounding like I am ‘on the payroll!’ I assure you that I am not. I have simply developed from direct experience a passion for this company . . . what it stands for, what it accomplishes, and not the least of all, how it goes about its work.”

 Carl R. Moskey, Administrator, Concord Orthopaedics