Above all, attitude and commitment, both on the job and off, are what distinguish HUTTER people. It’s called Dedication.

Hutter Construction’s success over time is a tribute to the talent and creativity of its people. From estimating a job through a project’s finishing touches (and beyond), Hutter’s people constantly reevaluate, refine and search for more efficient and cost-effective methods, while at the same time taking great care not to sacrifice the quality and excellence the company is so noted for.

Quality work doesn’t happen without quality people, the kind who learn from, teach and enrich each other every day.


Hutter estimators have a long history of developing accurate and realistic numbers when costing jobs. The most technologically advanced estimating software is tied directly to a job cost tracking system, thus providing the ability to keep pace with ever-changing sources of supplies, materials, equipment and sub-contractors.

Project management is the communications link in the construction process. Hutter’s hands-on approach and attention to the schedule, the owner’s needs, and every detail of the job ensure a smooth job flow. Project supervisors are constantly updating their skills through continuing education on new methods, safety, time management, supervision and more.



Hutter’s craftspeople and on-site workers are unsurpassed in the construction industry. Many boast multi-disciplined skills. They, too, are encouraged to broaden their talents through self-improvement seminars and workshops underwritten by the company. Becoming a supervisor on a Hutter project isn’t easy; it takes experience and training.

Above all, attitude and commitment, both on the job and off, are what distinguish Hutter people. A desire and willingness to give of themselves is why they are found coaching Little League and hockey teams, sitting on planning boards and other municipal bodies, working with the elderly, supporting and actively participating in church functions and demonstrating civic responsibility. It’s also why they refuse to deliver anything less than the best to a customer.